WinXP watchlist problem

Hi Everyone!

I'm already using ScadaBR 1.0 installed on my notebook with Windows7pro and everything is working fine.  As hardware I'm using my home made controlers programmed for ModBus RTU and they are working 100%, I have 3 boards, all working!

Because I was using my notebook only for testing I want to use my desktop (WindowsXP) as main MASTER for one, finall, version of board!

I have installed SdabaBR 1.0 via .exe installer on my desktop PC machine with Windows XP pro..

I'm able to login normally, I can add ModbusRTU data source, I can read any data point state OVERTHERE and I'm able to add data points.

BUT when I save all that and make them running (green dot's) and I go to watch list, click on green (right) arrow to move data point to watchlist it doesn't work, data point is not available and it can not read any value/state from controller? I repeat, it is working on Win7 but NOT working on WinXP, same installation file is being used! Thanks.