Wiki Server For ScadaBR Manual Translation

I would like to make a suggestion concerning the translation of the ScadaBR manual, help files and even this website.

Would it be possible to setup a Wiki Server were the manual and the different translations of it could reside.

This would allow to make it a collaborative effort with peer revue, and would assure that the information is always up-to-date.


that would be awesome! I would like to contribute to the German translation using a wiki.

I found this:

Is this open for everybody?

Hello everyone!

Unfortunatelly CERTI´s wiki is not open for everyone =/

But, we can always start a new one at Sourceforge Wiki´s =]

How about that. I can open it to public use for sourceforge accounts. In a jiffy!


Could you send the instructions of how to start with the wiki. BTW how does one log out from this forum?

Hey Blackfox,

For you to edit Sourceforge's wiki you have to log in with a Sourceforge account, simple as that.

And for logging out this Forum, is easy, but currently hidden (it's in the TODO =/). Use this link


I started translating the manual in English. The first two chapters are finished. Please give some feedback.



Freaking awesome! =D

Really nice that you took the lead in this one, I´ll try to help you the best I can (as soon as I can take a break from usual work)

Thanks once again! You have my everlating gratitude =D

The First Draft of English Manual is Complete.

The manual is fully translated but I need to add the Grapics, this needs to be done on a web/ftp server so I can link these grapics in the manual. This could be done on Sourceforge but I don't have the credentials. Please advise for solutions