Virtual COM Port communication Issues



I am new to ScadaBR and I am trying to do some connections with slave applications in IEC101 and Modbus as well.

I am using com0com as virtual serial ports to connect with ScadaBR. However, I get the following error when I try to save and start the data source: “Urgent 22:28:25: ‘IEC101_COM3’: IEC101_COM3: Init failed!”. I get the same for Modbus serial as well just a different name with the connection from IEC101_COM3. I use different serial ports for the two protocols.

Also when, I implement data points for either Modbus or IEC101, I get nothing.

I would also like to know whether IEC101 on ScadaBR is using balanced mode, unbalanced mode or both. A walkthrough would be most helpful as well.

Thank you.