Update Rate for Graphical Views : Less than 1s?


Hi there,

I’m new to ScadaBR : Couldn’t get ScadaLTS to run on my RaspberryPi, but ScadaBR works great.

I could use some help/direction with an issue though :

I’m trying to create a Graphical View using a dynamic gauge with a fast update rate. The process that I am monitoring is capable of providing updates at 50ms interval, but I have set the update period of the Data Source to 100ms.

The graphical view only seems to update about once per second, no matter what the Data Source Update period is set to.

Is there any way to increase the update frequency of the Graphical View to get 5-10 updates per second?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


You can change the update period, but this is not a setting that is currently available in the ScadaBR interface.

What you need to do is change, in the database, the “SystemSettings” table. Find the row whose value of SETTINGNAME matches uiPerformance. On this line, change the value of SETTINGVALUE to the time in milliseconds you want.

Using ScadaBR’s SQL page, you can do this by sending this update to the DB (change 500 to the desired value in milliseconds):

UPDATE SystemSettings SET SettingValue = '500' WHERE SettingName = 'uiPerformance'

Additionally, you must edit the Javascript file in /opt/ScadaBR/tomcat/webapps/ScadaBR/resources/common.js.

Inside the mango.longPoll.pollCB function, remove this snippet:

if (mango.longPoll.lastPoll) {
     var duration = new Date().getTime() - mango.longPoll.lastPoll;
     if (duration < 300) {
         // The response happened too quick. This may indicate a problem,
         // so just wait a bit before polling again.
         setTimeout(mango.longPoll.poll, 1000);

Tell us if it works. Regards.


Hi there, thanks for the quick response!

I made the changes you suggest to common.js, but the UPDATE command provided doesn’t seem to do anything. Says zero records updated.

Also, when I run SELECT * FROM SystemSettings only two rows appear in the table, neither are uiPerformance.

I did try this command :
INSERT INTO SystemSettings (SETTINGNAME, SETTINGVALUE) VALUES (‘uiPerformance’,‘100’)


And the setting is there now, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Still seems to be updating at the same original rate.


I restarted the WebApp and now see all the settings.

Changin uiPerformance to 100 still doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Graphical View update rate.


Try to refresh browser’s cache after change the common.js file.


Wow, that did it! I used ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’ option and now it’s refreshing at the higher rate. Perfect!

Thanks so much for the assist.