Translationg into Spanish


This is the ScadaBR´s Spanish translation topic. Anything related to it may be discussed here.



Hello Mr. Ferreira.

I'm from Venezuela (spanish/english speaking), I belong to a team of industrial automation, and we are testing ScadaBR system for monitoring and control of field operations in oil&gas area.

We have created and used a Spanish translation, based on English translations, by modifying the file, (appending the row es=Espanol) and creating the file, on path /WEB-INF/classes/ inside ScadaBR.war file.

To avoid potential compatibility issues, were not used Spanish's special characters (ñ, ó, etc.). The help pages were not translated, keeping the English version.

As collaboration, we submit for your consideration the incorporation of such translation in the next releases of the ScadaBR system.

Please tell us how we can send you the files referred.

Best regards.

Hello Mr. Pomares,

Glad to hear from you. We already have a contribution from Mr Milmero, whom is currently working in translating the help files for Spanish as well.

Milmero, being originally from Spain, may have a slightly different version, and I would appreciate that you two could merge them accordingly.

If you wish, you can send us through email - I will add you to our conversations about translation.

Thanks again for the help and effort.