Time regexp


I'm having some problems in configuring an  HTTP Retriever datapoint (alphanumeric datatype) which I would set as timestamp.

The line of file which contains the information to extract is:

Current Inverter date/time: 15-Nov-2012 09:38:45

The Value RegEx I'm using is:

Current Inverter date/time:[\s+\s](\d+-.+-\d+ \d+:\d+:\d[^ \s])

As Time RegEx I'm using:

(\d+-.+-\d+ \d+:\d+:\d[^ \s])

And as Time format:

dd:MMM:yyyy hh:mm:ss

But this configuration seems to be wrong; testing that parameter I'm obtaining the message:

Failed to parse time "15-Nov-2012 09:38:45"

Where is the error please?


Hello Luca,

You can restraint the number of characters you want to add to each detector with (\d){1-3}. That would help, but you´d have to replace the "-" with ":" for time parsers to recognize. 

Check this post for further advice =]


Best regards,


Excuse me. Could you solve it? I’m trying to do the same. Thanks in advance