Supporting non-Portuguese

Hi, I’m from Australia (english speaking), and very interested in ScadaBR.

I’m in the water treatment industry, and we we use SCADA quite a lot with modbus RTU.

I understand the project is based on Mango M2M from the USA. But the ScadaBR community seems very active.

But the language of most users seems to be Portuguese, and it makes getting support a bit hard.

Can someone explain if ScadaBR has a vision to be multi-lingual. What is the development path for ScadaBR?

Is it open-source? Can it be forked onto github so that I can add to some development?

Thanks for any replies.

““But the language of most users seems to be Portuguese, and it makes getting support a bit hard.””
The developers and some users speak a little English, you can post your questions in English, be aware that support for this Scada is modest even in Portuguese because not is paid software.

“Can someone explain if ScadaBR has a vision to be multi-lingual. What is the development path for ScadaBR?”
Yes, Portuguese and English usually when you add a protocol is done for the two languages.

Is it open-source? Can it be forked onto github so that I can add to some development?
Yes totally open source, add development will be well received :slight_smile:

Hello emdeex,

First of all, as a part of ScadaBR development team, I’d like to welcome you to our community. Our project is indeed a spin-off of Mango M2M. We’re proud to learn we have potential users in Australia! This means we’re doing something right! :slight_smile:

Supporting the utilities sector (water and energy) is one of the reasons we devoted our time to this project. Which we understand is still far from complete.

As Rafael L replied, most of this community understands English enough to reply your questions. We might, though, have a little difficulty understanding some technical terms of your scenario, but we’ll try our best (there’s always! Please feel free to post questions. We’re close to release our new portal. It will not contain a English-only section, but should be more non-Portuguese friendly.

As for the vision, we strived for an international project from the start, so, code-wise, we always attempted to name methods and in-code documentation in English. If you find something different, please let us know. Help documentation is attempted to be more multi-lingual comprehending, to date, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The project is intended to be fully open-source and sources for everything should be available. Again if you find some closed source components, please let us know so we can made it available as well. From the top of my mind, I seem to recall one or two libraries that we inherithed from Mango M2M we did not have the code. I think the modbus implementation was one of them.

We have a open invitation to developers. If you’re interested, contact us with your username so you can join our development team.

Also, if your willing, please write us an article about your implementation using ScadaBR. We’ll be happy to host it!

Best regards,

Thanks for any replies.

Thanks for the replies:

Your project seems to be doing fantastic work. I’m really impressed with the product, and can’t believe I haven’t noticed it until now, it certainly deserves a lot more attention worldwide.

Hopefully I can be contribute to the project doing great things and getting wider recognition.

I’m the Project Manager for Energy Efficiency at a water corporation and have a background in IT development, especially open-source. Part of my role is integration of energy meters on our modbus-RTU SCADA network. I’m also investigating wide-area sensor networks, Arduino low-cost sensors, wireless networks, “the internet of things”, pachube, also carbon management.

The SCADA business is all new to me though, so I’m catching up as fast as I can.

Just a note, I’m getting a warning on this website after I log in: “warning: Parameter 1 to profile_load_profile() expected to be a reference, value given in /var/www/scadabr/includes/ on line 462”. It appears to be Drupal based CMS(?), I have used Drupal a lot in the past and recognize it’s layout. I can log in OK, but I can’t change my default language to English, so all the menus and text labels are in Portuguese.

hello emdeex

welcome, we are proud of getting attention “from the other side of the world”.
our friend GTL summarized very well our vision.

ScadaBR is successfully used in our local water company, and we have at least one notice from water company in France too. It is very capable of integrating Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP as well as OPC and others.

CMS is Drupal indeed, it is already getting old but we’re upgrading to new Drupal soon. thank you for the notice.
if you can handle a bit of copy/paste into Google Translator for now, we have also integration with Arduino and Modbus

inspired by the original work here

well, so much going on. feel free to download and explore around.

best regards!!
scadabr team

I think Scadabr is really a scada software to the top.

I'm in the industry and this scada is fairly superior to all uber complicated scada I seen.

I think that Scadarb should make two things to attract more developer and became a leader:

1) Move the source code to a place where it's more convenient to contribute (github) and have a proper bug tracker/projecet management. You could use the github one, or setup a redmine one.

2) You should absolutely switch from the non English main site to an English one. I'm open to contribute, so please bear in mind.

Hello Angelo,

ScadaBR site is been modified to support multi-language, and we intend to achieve this ASAP. The project was firstly visualized to be a national initiative, but as time goes by, we see more and more non-Brazilians accessing it.

We are currently on sourceforge, but some people say it´s not as seemless to contribute through it´s apps. Github is being considered, but it´s a decision that shall take some time.

For now, we work with what we got =]

Thanks for the input, and feel free to contribute anytime

Hello Mr/Mrs emdeex.

I'm from Venezuela (spanish/english speaking), I belong to a team of industrial automation, and we are testing ScadaBR system for monitoring and control of field operations in oil&gas area.

I inform you that, to use correctly the America/Caracas time zone (recently changed), we had to replace joda-time jar library (version 1.3) with an updated version (2.1), downloading the joda-time-2.1-dist.tar.gz file from website , and replacing the joda-time-1.3.jar file by joda-time-2.1.jar file on path /WEB-INF/lib, inside ScadaBR.war file.

Because of this, we submit for your consideration perform the same update in the next releases of the ScadaBR system.

Best regards.

Thanks Mr. Pomares,

Be sure that it will be added to the next release. I´ve already added it to our trac.

If you have any other issue or sugestion, feel free to post it.



I replaced joda-time-1.6.jar with joda-time-2.2.jar. Now I'm just not able to get ScadaBR up and running on the server. Is there anything else I need to change after replacing the jar file?