Hi! I’m an Argentinian programmer and I’m involved in a project that was using Mango M2M. Now I need to do some changes to the code, but Mango’s sources are missing :P. We are thinking to migrate to ScadaBR, but I need to know, the ScadaBR sources (of the daemon) are available? Because I didn’t find it in downloads.


Hola hermano :slight_smile:

The codes must be “checked out” using a SVN client.
please see here for more instructions or browse the code:

in linux type the command:
svn co ScadaBR download | scadabr

in windows check it out from ScadaBR download | using eclipse, netbeans or Tortoise SVN.

best luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! That worked for me :slight_smile:

Muito obrigado!