Source code import to eclipse seems miss some library


Dear friends:
      I want to edit the scadabr source code to add some function,but when i import the source code to eclipse,i can't build sucess,it have many errors,most of that seems miss some library.for example: 
import com.serotonin.db.spring.GenericResultSetExtractor;
import com.serotonin.db.spring.GenericRowMapper;
import com.serotonin.db.spring.GenericTransactionCallback;
import com.serotonin.propertyEditor.DecimalFormatEditor;
import com.serotonin.propertyEditor.IntegerFormatEditor;
import com.serotonin.db.spring.GenericRowMapper;
import com.serotonin.json.JsonRemoteEntity;
import com.serotonin.json.JsonRemoteProperty;
did you have same problem when you are import the project ,if i have some wrong someplace,any suggest is appreciate,thanks.

Please, refer to this topic...