SNMP Trap - Not able to receive

I am using ScadaBr in windows xp. I am able to communicate with UPS via SNMP.
But I am not able to get the Traps from it. I tested with Trap receiver and I
got the Trap messages from UPS via port 162. I closed the service of
Trapreceiver and tested with SCADABR. But i am unable to get Traps in ScadaBR. I
checked and confirmed that Port 162 is locked by Java when mango (tomcat) is
running. I also added the Trap OID in ScadBR. Let me know is there I am
missing something to receive the Traps?

Pls share your experience if you are using SNMP Traps successfully. Thank you
for reading my post.


Hey Chand,

Are you using Linux? You could use a netstat to check the port state.

Also, providing some log info from mango.log would be nice, if there is any usefull info in it. 

We´ve been using Polling in the SNMP with success, but I don´t recall any project with Traps. Also, Mango M2M has some inputs into SNMP usage


Hi Diego,

I am using Windows XP and not Linux. I am able to receive the SNMP data by polling. But not Traps. I checked the Mango M2M Forums,Thanks for the link. Mango.log do not show up anything on Traps.

What have I done..for Simulating Traps Testing

1. In one System, I installed ireasoning mib Browser. Second system has ScadBR and Ireasoning MIB Browser Installed.

2. Configured the Trap with OID say . in both.

3. In second system opened the Trap Receiver of MIB Browser.

4. Sent Trap from TRAP Sender of MIB Browser from First system to second.,Successfully Received the Trap in  Second System.

5. Closed the Trap Receiver in Second system and Started Apache Tomact. In ScadaBR i configured the OID as TRAP Only. Added the Trap to watch list.

6. Sent the TRAP from First System. But watch list do not show up anything.

7. I tried to start the Trap receiver with Tomcat running, but I got a error message that states the Port 162  is locked by Java. So I am sure port 162 is binded by Java/Tomcat.

Is my point number 6 wrong? Is this the way I test/simulate TRAPS in ScadaBR or is there any other method to test/receive TRAPS in ScadaBR?

If you are successful with Traps in Linux, I will make a try to install Linux and ScadaBR but may take sometime for me to Install as I am not a Linux expert.


Hello Chand,

I´ll be not much help to you, sorry. I can only point you to some tests to verify that port 162 is occupied.

netstat can point wich ports are in use!

But if the SNMP Trap driver is malfunctioning, maybe it´s time for code digging! Can you have a go at it? 

Thank god(or rms) for OS, we can take the problems into our own hands! =]