Share data between local and remote ScadaBR Sessions



I am running ScadaBR locally on a private network that has a VPN connection to a remote site. What I would like to do is share a few points for the remote session of ScadaBR to view and set a few setpoint remotely, the local session is pulling the data from a modbus rtu and bacnet/ip connection. I don’t want all the data going to the remote site because there are hundreds of bacnet points and I only need to share about 20 to view and set remotely. Is there a way I can set the local ScadaBR session to host those points because I don’t want to expose the bacnet interface to the vpn directly (for security reasons and also because it is already maxed out on the load that the ScadaBR BACnet/IP driver is putting on it by pulling the points. It’s a very crappy BabelBuster and the MS/TP is overloaded with way too many nodes, not my creation, I just inherited the disaster). The babelbuster is acting as a router to go from BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP so ScadaBR can pull the points.

(Bacnet)—(ScadaBR)—{VPN}—{Internet}—{VPN}----(Remote ScadaBR)
,…,^350poins…^350points…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…^about 20points

That is a simple diagram of what I am trying to do, to give a little visual representation of what I need to make it do.
If anyone has a idea of how to set this up, any help would be greatly appreciated.



I suggest the use of http sender /publisher to send data between scadabr devices. Check the scadabr manual for more details


Hi WagnerdeQueiroz,

I found that it needs to use the Serotonin Persistent TCP, but what is the URL path that it needs to connect correctly, I tried to put the IP Address in and it gives me an error. Here is the error I get, see the attached files: