ScadaBR outputs not updating


I am trying to run my first project with ESP8266 and ScadaBR 1.0 CE.
While my simple program (3 contacts directly connected to 3 coils ) compiles fine and runs well on OpenPLC runtime , on ScadaBR are working normal only the inputs , outputs are locked on the last value that remains from runtime.
I am using the %IX100.0 to %IX100.2 / %QX100.0 to %QX100.2 in the program and offset 0 to 2 on both inputs and outputs in ScadaBR (Point details )
On “Modbus read data” window when I read 3 registers, again inputs are fine , but outputs not changing.
I repeat-in the runtime Monitoring everything runs perfect.
In Graphic view I have no yellow marks on the LEDs.
Thank you for help.