SCADABR English online training


Hi all
Can anybody provide me online training in english?4-5 hours training will suffice.



Which type of training do you need? Do You want only the basics to start do something? You can talk with me inbox!



I am also interessted in an english ScadaBR Training like @tansquire.
I have no idea how and where to start.
Can you provide me some basics to start?

If you need more information I will write something about my project I am planning to do:

  • I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and I installed on the driver ESP8266 it and also OpenPLC to be able to controll the ESP8266
  • now I want to use the ScadaBR for Controlling the PLC (RaspberryPi) and to set an alarm like

If someone press the button 3 times during 5 seconds an alarm should ring or
If the there is not connection to the ESP8266 information should popup

something like this. Is this possible? How and Where should I start? What should I prepare.


Yes, with ScadaBr is possible to do this. Infortunately, ScadaBr does not provide much training information in English. I have a project to start a Udemy course about ScadaBR using ESP32 or ESP12 and I will start writing some articles about this in Portuguese and English.

For now, you can ask here questions and doubts about your project. I will try to answer to all of them!


[quote=“joaocampos, post:4, topic:1708, full:true”] For now, you can ask here questions and doubts about your project. I will try to answer to all of them!

I am looking forward also to your project to study them by myself.
I am thankful and hope you can help me very soon.
I try to explain my problem. First of all I am quiet new in this automation and communication area, but I try my best because I like the topic so far.

I already started my automation project with the OSS OpenPLC from Thiago Rodrigues Alves and because he recommends and praises and refers to ScadaBR so much I want to try it too!
But I have no Idea where to start.

I need detailed information.
Why I do what?
What are the first steps to do?

What do I want to do:
In the end I want to have a Scada System which is able to communicate with ModbusTCP/IP with the PLC I already have and that I can set alarms (for specific (1) number/ or (2) duration of pushing a button during a specific time) and I also want a nice view (i.e.: (2) a picture where the user can see how long a button is pushed and if it is more then 10 seconds a red lamp will shine/alarm starts)

How I started already:
If I read it correctly I should start with creating a data source, right?
I already tryed this with help of Thiago Rodrigues Alves post: --> but there was also no explanation why I do all this.

First I choosed the DataSource: Modbus IP (I guess because I want my devices to talk ModbusTCP/IP this makes totally sence)

And now all my questions starts first:

Name: How important is this name, what is a smart way to call it
Export ID: For what do I need this? Why there is already a name written in it?
Update periode: okay I guess it is kind of the loop time
Timeout: Timeout for what?
Retries: What does the entry “2” means? What is the difference of Retries and Update periode?
Contingous batches only: When I need this?
Create slave monitor points: And when I need this?

Event alarm levels: When I should change something of this

Data source exeption:
Data read exeption:
Point write exeptions:

Modbus read data:

Slave ID: Should I use the slave ID from my ESP8266 Devices?
Register range: ?
Offset (0-based): ?
Number of regisers: ?

Here are my entries and the error messages:


I am starting a post about all your questions. I try to post here till this Sunday.


okay, I am truly looking forward to it!
and I will try it by myself with trial and error and some other furthermore background research.

Thank you so much. looking forward to read all this detailed information’s


NEWS: Today I catch Yanis a student from “Systems Engineering and Technical Cybernetics” he explained my how his russian Scada worked and after this tutorial with him it was already a bit easier to understand ScadaBR.

  • I understands now the Offsets
  • I got a better overview of the website and finally find some “question marks” I guess the first time I was just to overwhelmed to see them, thanks for the English implementation/translation!

My updated Picture how it worked for me:

I understand how I can use the Point locator test:
You have to take a look into the Modbus Adress to know the Offset and the Register Size (in my Case 16bit) for the Modbus data type (I took it from here:

If you Add the Point you can add your Variable directly:

finally I got a really good feeling for how useful the detailed view is:

Tomorrow I will try out more!


This is the article post about Modbus Ip.

Give me some feedback if this content is useful or not. I will improve this article in the next few weeks.


Thank you very much!
FYI: I also found some Tutorial today -->


Have you tried the same with other protocols like DNP3 and BACnet I/P. Because I am struggling with these two .


Hi ,

Could you please suggest the same tutorial for other protocols like DNP3 and BACnet I/p. Any help will be appreciable.