Replace chart component

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Some guidelines for replacing current chart component with another javascript based one ??

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A good start should be looking into CompoundComponent class and ImageChartComponent class. These 2 for the component, and you should also look up the whole folder: - where the magic happens - JFreechart creates the image chart; - Servlet publishes the image created.

So, to create a new Chart Component, you should

  1. understand how charts are created;
  2. understand how charts are deployed by the servlet;
  3. create a new component;
  4. understand how js engine updates charts;

Wow... hard work isn´t it? hehehe

But you can use a shortcut with js tools as gRaphael and other js graphic creators. Check this live example

Also, you can alter the source code to provide yout with more functions in the server side script.

Regards and luck! Please, post back your finds =]

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It seems not to be a trivial work ;-)

Thank you for your reponse, I will try to do something.

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