Release process scadabr

Please describe release process of scadabr.




The ScadaBR is a free and open source software. The download is free and available in the downloads section.

I meant more information.

For example:

1. ScadaBR.war [r1517] version 1.0.0 CE   date releases.

Is this the version that download?
2. When is the next release (change)?

3. change 1.0.0  r[1516]  1.1.0 r[1548]?

Hello Grzeg,

We still did not documented a release process... so It´s kinda blurry.

How we work it out: 

  • There are some branches being developed;
  • Select a range of features and corrections to include into trunk;
  • Update trunk development with features and rollout tests (Unit and user tests);
  • If release is ok in tests, It´s shipped to some know colaborators/beta-testers for further approval;
  • Release name is selected and shipped.

Surely would be nice to have some support from an experienced developer/release planner to aid us in this effort to organize things (specially the rep), but so far, we lack time =]

If you need any help, please contact us directly -