Query XID using webservice interface

Dear ScadaBR Users and Developers,

I looked into the "ClienteJavaWeb" webservice examples. Looks great!

As indicated in the subject, it would be nice if the XID of a data point could be queried for, so that one can directly access the data base to fetch data. I searched for this in the .wsdl file but could not find it directly. Is there a function that returns the XID as a by-product of another query? I also looked into the java sources and searched the BrowseTagsResponse class and the GetDataHistoryResponse class, but to no avail.

Last time I checked, the data point String name was serialized into a BLOB in the dataPoints table as discussed here: http://mango.serotoninsoftware.com/forum/posts/list/1074.page

Another possibility would be to request an import/export (as described in the above link) via the webservice. But again, this is not implemented AFAICS.

Has anybody thought on / solved this problem of getting the XID of a certain data point? Further hints and shoves are much appreciated.

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Hello Michael,

ScadaBR API and ClienteJavaWeb where developed inside ScadaBR project, so this is quite recent. We have yet much to grow and develop.

Querying for a DataPoint XID would be easy to implement. Altering BrowseTags should be enough. Our you could derive it into another function aswell.

I personally do not have this much knowledge about implementing ScadaBR APIs, but Ia could gather this info if it is necessary.


Thanks for your comment Diego,

I already changed browseTags's itemName to  xid as a proof of concept. Once you get around on how things work in the dwr-wsdl-java-js combo, it is relatively easy to change the java classes by hand. For "real" API additions, the auto-generation of java classes via Axis does not work so well for me.

I also posted on the developer mailing list.

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