Purge data with the click of a button


I need to purge the data collected by a data point on the click of a button. I have been able to set the value of a data point by taking input from the user in the graphical view. My next step is to purge all the data, completely, without taking any duration as an input from the user.
I think this would be possible by writing a script for a button in the graphical view. Or may be a server side script. I'm not really sure about this.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Hello Sunny, 

I guess you can attack this by modifying the DataPointDao to be able to delete it´s history from a server side script. You can check out other posts into how using datapointdao in Server side script.

I think the current function for purging data is private... should be easy to alter this.


Best Regards