Problem with User account set up

 Hi everyone,

First off: sorry for posting in English, although I speak 3 languages, Portuegese is not one of them.

I have installed ScadaBR with the self-installer (.exe) file, and everything seems to be working, except for a problem with the user accounts. When I create additional users, I cannot change their properties, like adding data points. Everytime I click 'save' the following popup appears:

"PreparedStatementCallback; SQL [..........]; An attempt was made to get a data value of type 'VARCHAR' from a data value of type 'null'; nested exception is java.sql.SQLDataException: ........."

Can anyone help in fixing this bug?



Hello Koen,

No problem writing in English at all. I guess, most of us can clearly comprehend what you mean =]

Actually, we´re sorry for not yet have translated the ScadaBR site =[

As for your reported problem, I had not noticed this issue. This is what I´ve done:

  1. Deployed ScadaBR (version 1.0 beta);
  2. Created a ASCII File Reader DataSource;
  3. Created a ASCII File Reader DataPoint - for a numeric number in my file;
  4. Checked if reading... OK;
  5. Created a User, with full access (read and set) to the ASCII File Reader DataSource;
  6. Created a new DataPoint for reading the same DataPoint;
  7. Checked if reading... OK;

For this DataSource I had no problems, maybe if you describe further your settings (DS type, User access level, etc) we can nail it down =]

Best Regards, and good luck


Hi Diego,

Many thanks in replying to my request.

My installation is ScadaBR 0.9.1, as downloaded from this website in the Windows .exe file.

I have problems when doing this:

  1. Create a new user 'User1', no admin rights so all datapoints are set to 'none'
  2. Save the new user 'User1'
  3. Then select edit new user 'User1'
  4. Change one of the available datapoints to be 'read'
  5. Save the changes to 'User1' -> popup with fault message appears and the changes are not saved

Perhaps it would help if I used ScadaBR 1.0 beta. Where can I download this?






Hello again!

I could reproduce the error here in 1.0 beta version as well, if you want it, I can provide a link =]

Bad news is that it´s not fixed yet. I´m adding it to the project TRAC right now. 

Workaround - Configure all project before adding users - that´s a mediocre solution, but it may work as we try to solve it =]

Keep the good work, and be patient with us! o/