Posibility of collaboration and integration of new DataSources


My name is Daniel, and I worked with Mango M2M until it was acquired by Infinite Automation and left being free open software. Since then, I have been working with ScadaBR, so I have some experience using with this excellent SCADA system. Since last year, I have been working in a project that uses ScadaBR as SCADA, and I hava had to add a couple of DataSources to the sources of the ScadaBR software:

  1. The first one have been a customized version of the ASCII Serial DataSource where until 3 consecutive commands can be configured to be sent to the serial device, check if their corresponding responses are the ones expected, and get the data to be stored in the DataPoint based on the Regular Expression applied to the last response from the serial device.
  2. The second DataSource I needed was a direct TCP Socket to a concrete port of a device or computer. In this case, a socket connection is established to the IP address o device domain name at the port indicated, where the device or computer is listening to requests.

Sorry, I know that maybe I am not able to explain it clearly, so I include a link to two screenshots: one DataPoint of the Custom Serial DataSource connected to a Pfeiffer Vacuum TPG262 (http://www.idealvac.com/files/brochures/Pfeiffer_TPG262_Operating_Instructions.pdf) at serial port /dev/ttyS14, and one to a Socket Communication DataSource connected to a  Temperature Controller, listening to requests at the port 7777. In the case of the Custom Serial DataSource, an ASCII command PR1 is sent, then an ACK character is expected from the serial device and a second command ENQ is sent to get the pressure value from the TPG262 device. In the case of the Socket Communication, a temperature is requested through the socket connection using the KRDG? command.

I do not know if these DataSources could be useful for anybody else, and probably they have bugs to be solved, but if you consider it appropriate I am willing to collaborate with you to integrate these two DataSources into the ScadaBR repository, and help upgrading the ScadaBR with new features.

Thank you and forgive me for the large post.


HI Daniel.
I am trying to integrate an ASCII serial device into ScadaBR and I would like to use your data sources so I can test and adapt the code.
I need to send a command to a device that expects the line break character at the end of command, but ASCII serial by ScadaBR can’t send the character with the command. That’s why I need a new driver to use as data source.
Can you send me both of these drivers so I can study what you did?

Hi vitinrj,

The first thing you can do to test if my Custom Serial DataSource can be of any help is by installing my own versión or ScadaBR which includes it. I can provide you with a copy if you want to try it, but you will have to indicate me a repository, FTP server o place where I can upload the ScadaBR.war file. After you have the file, you can install it normally, taking in account that you must modify the WEB-INF/classes/env.propierties file with the correct credentials for your database.

The Custom Serial DataSource can add a LF, CR o LF + CR end characters to any command sent to the serial device, so you should be able to do what you want with it. After you try this version of ScadaBR, we can study the way I can provide the source code to you.



Hi there danibeni,

I dont have a repository or FTP server available. I would appreciate if you put your ScadaBR.war in dropbox or similar website and just send me a link to download. Then you can delete it later if you prefer.

So, would be possible to upload it to dropbox?

Thanks for your help!!!