Point event detector when it match exact value

Hello everyone,
I know probably this can be a stupid question but i already used the Search button with no success… i need to trigger an alarm when the point value match exatcly a certain value, not when is higher or lower than a limit. Do you know how can i achieve this?
Best regards and thanks in advance.

Hello Andrea,

There is an easy way to achieve this with 2 DataPoint Alarms and a Compound Event.
You must first create one Higher and one Lower alarm around your specific value.

Let’s say - my value varies from 0 - 10 and my specific alarm value is 7.
So I set the Lower alarm to 7+something and my Higher to 7-something. Assuming something = 0.1;
Then I check the compound event tab, and creat a compound event. Setting the event to “P1 && P2”. So whenever both alarms are set, this event will trigger.

Anything else? :-]


Hi! thank you so much for your interest!
Yes…i thought there was someting like that to solve the problem but seems to be a little overkill… :slight_smile: I think it’s simpler having a limit dector that does it! :slight_smile: if you have a variable moving between 0 and 35 and you have to detect fault status in 7,14,19,25… it’s a little “pain”…However great work and thank you for you support! best regards, Andrea

Hello back Andrea,

Yes, it’s troublesome. But only if you have a numeric variable. If it happens to be a multistate variable, there is for some DataSources a State Alarm, that is triggered by reaching the specific state.

You can try it with a Virtual Data Source… But if you do not find the State Alarm in a specific multistate variable, let us know.

Thanks, and glad to help.