OPC Codesys Gateway not shown as Datasource

Bom dia,

I stalled with scadabr as my OPC-DA Gateway (CoDeSys 2.3 connected to Wago 750-881) on the local pc (XP SP3) is not found by scadabr.

In the choice-box a "-1" appears and the previous tag is "Acess denied" (0x800700005)

In e.g. Matricon OPC-Explorer it is found and connected without problems and tags are browseable.

I am not within a domain but a windows workgroup.

I have tried with user/password from windows logon.

Can anybody help pls.?

Muito obrigado!


Hi tomRey,

I have the same problem. I am using:

  • Festo Codesys version 2.3
  • Win XP sp3
  • ScadaBR 0.9.1

I follow the steps for configure OPC in Win xp in here:


So like you, I am stuck I can not make it work, I can see the OPC server and tags using dOPCExplorer.

Maybe we can help each other, Can you give me an update if make it work?


hi festo,

as i havn't got any further, i stopped trying scadabr.

if you get it working, i'd be pleased.



Hi guys, 

Some replies may indicate that with Java7 this may be working properly, but JS Scripts are not yet working properly. =/

Could you please check this info? We need testers to add info to the project. Please report any findings here and also in our project TRAC.


I have tested it in WinXp, those are the steps:

1. Create a diferent user from admin, but with administration permissions
2. Install Java 1.6
3. Install ScadaBR 1.0 
4. Install MatrikonOPCSimulation
5. Disable Firewall 
6. Look for "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" and DISABLE this option in 'Folder options'
7. Reboot
8. Create OPC DA using previous user and password
now I am testing in win7.

Hi there,

After a lot of issues, finally is working on Win7 both 32 and 64 bits, those are the steps:

1. Install Java 32 o 64 bits, jre 1.6 or jre 1.7, with both it works, remember if you have 64 bits Win7 you have to use jre for 64 bits.
2. Install Codesys
3. Install ScadaBR 1.0
4. Install MatrikonOPCSimulation
5. Disable Windows firewall
6. Open the Change User Account Control Settings control panel and drag the slider to Never notify.