Need Modbus4j sources

Hi All,

I am a newbie to ScadaBR and would like to involve my participation in this project.

I have already downloaded the development version(0.9.1) of ScadaBR and can run as well can include my modified sources in it.
Its almost two weeks now that I am studying the sources,and now i need to do some changes in the source code mainly in
Modbus4j part.I have downloaded the modbus4j sources(1.1) version from,but cant build it to make it compatible with
Want to know if anybody in this forum who has worked on Modbus4j? If yes then what are the drastic changes I need to do in the sources to make it compatible with ScadaBR 0.9.1 version.



You will build another protocol, based on Modbus?

I am thinking of building a central database backup server(Embedded Hardware/PC + scadaBR software bundled),which only back ups the database from the remote mango servers.If the deployment is going to be that big then I might think of adding a tunnel protocol support on scadaBR(Still not decided) so let see.

About my progress I was able to build modbus 1.1 sources and will be trying today to see if I can run it with my scadaBR installation.But I doubt if it will run successfully because the Jar file size of my build is smaller then the one that I got with ScadaBR installation.

To run the script in ScadaBR, you must do compilation with Eclipse Java EE with the source code of Source Force.