Name problem when copying a dataSource

Good evening,

I set up a modbus TCP/IP communicating device on ScadaBR, and now I need to copy it for a certain number of times.
When I copy this device (Let’s call it “ADAM1”, for example), ScadaBR names it “Copy of ADAM1”.
So, in watchlist I will have “Copy of ADAM1 - Input_1”, “Copy of ADAM1 - Input_2” and so on.
And so far, so good.

But when I change name from “Copy of ADAM1” to “ADAM2”, a bug (I think) occurres:
On watchlist it shows up like:

“Input_1 - Input_1”, “Input_2 - Input_2”

Instead of “ADAM2 - Input_1”, “ADAM2 - Input_2” …

Why is this happening?
How do I solve this?

Thanks in advance