Multiple selection and move in Point Hierarchy

Dear ScadaBR Users and Developers, 

how would I go about on implementing multiple point selection, e.g. via control-click, and moving of multiple point selections to another folder in the point hierarchy page? 

I gather from the pointHierarchy.jsp that a click on a point is handled by the onTitleClick function in TreeNode.js. Now I am thinking whether this click could handle a key-modified click... Problem is mainly: old version, no doc. I run ScadaBR 0.9.1, the Mango version AFAIK is 1.12.2 with dojo 0.4.2. Do you think it would be better to load a more recent dojo for this task? I tried loading a recent and compressed dojo in the pointHierarchy.jsp, but that one fails - I assume because dojo is already loaded in the parent tag:page.

Did someone already implement a similar feature using the old dojo? 

Thanks and Best Regards, 
Michael Bach

Hello Michael,

True. Mango uses an old version of dojo (loaded in page.tag), and probably the best way to add more functionalities is migrating to the newest version. 

In our forum, a user tried simple to replace the current dojo in resources folder. But I believe some development would be necessary.

Also, I found this example that uses the Dijit tools (dojo > 1.6)

Best Regards,

Hi Diego,

Thanks for the hints. I will have a look into the changes necessary to include a more recent dojo. Also, the Dijit tutorial will become handy for sure once this has been accomplished :)

Best Regards,