Multiple Modbus RTU connections

Is it possible to work with multiple Modbus RTU Data Sources on different com Ports? 

I have a configuration with two Modbus RTU Connections (both 9600 8 Even) and i have 4 possible Com Ports. The first Data Source has 4 Slaves (Slave 1,2,3 & 4) and the second Data Source has 1 (Slave 1). When i activate both Data Sources Scadabr is only polling one. The second Com Port is not used (i checked that with a different programm). Only the first com port is blocked and in use by Scadabr. It is normally the first activated Data Source which is used, while the other one is not polling. All Com Ports are working and also work with Scadabr, but only while the other Ports are silent.  Is there any sort of mapping that i have to configure manually? Or is it just not possible to use multiple Modbus RTU Connections?

My Setup: Windows 7 Professional, Java 6 V45, Tomcat 6, Scadbr 1.0

Thank you in advance for all response!

I too am having issues with multiple comm ports, if I have a single comm port it works but with more than one I do not get back good data. I assume it might be a bug with the Windows implementation, the version of JRE, or librxtx-java. I will get back into troubleshooting the issue soon as there is no other open program out there as good as ScadaBR for my applicaiton. If anyone figures it out in the meantime pleeeease let us know :)