moreValues propriety ScadaBRApiClient - Maybe a bug?

does anyone have moreValues propriety working from getdatahistory api in I can retrieve the data between the start and the stop date, but even if the point are for example 1000 and i ask for retrieve only 10 samples, the value returned from moreValues, it’s always set to “False”.
Thank you in advance, best regards,

Hello Andrea,

I´ve never used with ScadaBR, but I´l try it and give you a feedback.

Have you noticed some errors in logs from mango.log?

Good luck, get back to you soon

Diego Ferreira

Hi Diego,
thank you so much for your interest, for this and the other post! :wink: No particular error on mango.log! Let me know if you find something! thank you again!
best regards, Andrea.