Modbus4j Source Code

Greetings to friends in Brazil!

I´ve had a few problems with modbus TCP, and I was wondering if you can provide me the Modbus4J source code from serotinin software, There are three versions of modbus4j in but unfortunately are old versions (Modbus4J 1.1 works in Mango 1.10.0).

if you don´t have the src of the lastest version of modbus4j, can you provide me the Mango 1.10.0 Source Code?

Thanks a lot!
Look forward for your answers.

PD: You can write in Portuguese, I understand a little bit :wink:

Hi, you have to checkout the code from the cvs repository of the modbus4j project… it took me a while to find out too… you can find it at:

let us know of your progress!


Hello Eduardo, Thank you so much!! you saved my life!!

Have a nice day! :smiley: