Modbus TCP - Codesys



I’m trying to use ScadaBR 1.0 CE to communicate with with my Codesys controller threw Modbus TCP protocol. It doesn’t work because I can’t read data from slave id égal to 0 or 255. I can’t change the Unit id on my Codesys.
Is there a solution ?



Modbus slave addresses goes from 1 up to 247.

any other ID is invalid for Slave Devices!
ScadaBR is a Master MODBUS software. Cannot be a Slave MODBUS device. If your CODESYS is a master, write a ESP32/ESP8266 with a MODBUS Slave device and use ScadaBR and CODESYS to read and write using this ESP slave device like a bridge. Its all you can do to have two MODBUS Masters in same network.

Ask your CODESYS vendor about use Codesys Slave.