Modbus Issues


Apologies I am writing in English however I am looking for help. Using a Modbus Serial data connection I cannot get constant data collection.

There are alot of errors occuring such as:

13593 14:46:38’MySite’: Exception from modbus master: Function code: 0x7f
13594 14:48:30’MySite’: Exception from modbus master: Function code: 0x0

Can anyone assist please?

Love the software it’s exactly what I am after. I just can’t get reliable communications. I’ve made the baud rate 57000 which helped massively but it’s still causing errors.

hello Jon,

is your device working properly with other softwares?
i know you probably have already checked this, but anyways, please double-check data & stop bits, parity, etc.

do you have experience with serial port sniffers? it would be nice to “track down” the offending packets.
if you are “losing bits” then cables & adaptors can be frequent error sources.

also check for strange messages in the “logs/catalina.out” files regarding to modbus, which should be more informative, and keep us updated.
we would like it to work even in 115200 and such speeds, if supported by the device and proper adapters.

thank you