MBUS in ScadaBR


I cann't add m-bus data points to ScadaBR. In ScadaBR v. 1.0 I cann't set DirectConnections it's unchecked(I have RxTX in java).


I also try to do it in ScadaBR v.0.9 but I get only a error: No contextual field found for key address when I try to add data points.


Is anybody can help me?


Yes, ScadaBR has some issues in the Mbus interface that needs taking care. We´ve inherited it from MangoM2M  and did not touch it.

There are some other posts here in the forum about Mbus, but no developer voluteered to correct it. So, it is provided as is.

If you want to help correcting it, I could give you the way... some java/jsp medling should do the trick =]

Best regards, 

Tell me where I neet to change the code and I will try ;)