MatrikonOPC with ScadaBR


I’m trying to connect the OPC DA datasource to the MatrikonOPC simulator application. I’ve setup the simulator but don’t know how to setup ScadaBR to read this datasource.
Do you have any examples, or what must the host/domain/user/password be set to? Must host and domain both be localhost ?


There is a guide you can try… Configuration ScadaBR.pdf

“host/domain/user/password be set to?” Yes except domain
“Must host and domain both be localhost ?” No but Matrikon must belong to a domain.
Save and refresh


I’ve set the host to localhost and created a user within Matrikon.

ScadaBR does not see the Matrikon simulator.

Has anybody tried to use ScadaBR with any other OPC server maybe?


Hi , I´ve tried to connect to Makitron and Iconic OPC simulators with no luck , I´ve followed step by step the “OPC Configuration ScadaBR.pdf” instructions but still cannot see server and tags . My pc is a windows xp sp3 ( with OPC Explorer client from Makitron I can see the Servers) with host: localhost , user field is a Windows user , no domain ( because i dont have any) and tried with machine name too .
Any clue would help me.
Thanks in advance.