Manuals in English

Do you have manuals in English?

If you do not, are you interested in a volunteer to translate your manual from Portuguese to English?

Yes we are interested =]

Would be really nice to provide English speaking users with a proper ScadaBR Manual.

Currently, the only effort to document ScadaBR in English is in our Sourceforge´s Wikipedia.


I can work on translating it as I work on setting up ScadaBR. I want to see how it works with Alerton’s BACnet controllers. How would I go about submitting it to you? Sourceforge?

BTW, you can write to me in Portuguese as I do read it. I’m just not very comfortable writing in Portuguese anymore.


You can submit through sourceforge. Just hand me your username so I can place you as an able submitter =]


I ordered the translation to be made internally in my company in German, French and English.

I must see what happened to this, but my company is planned to deliver it to the community.

We also developped the ScadaBR translation (messages) in French, Luxembourgish and German.

It is available on request.