Limits for a single instance of ScadaBR

Hi all...

Does anyone have experience about maximum amount of event detectors, alarms, etc... settable into a single instance of ScadaBR appliance with no problems?

For one of my installations, I'm planning to set several points (probably more than 400...), event detectors (probably more than 600...) and event handlers (probably more than 600, one for each event detector and others for some compound event detectors...).

My hardware is an eBox-3300 (

Any suggestions? What about your installations?



Hello Luca,

ScadaBR tags, alarms and events limit depend solelly to HW and System performance. We have no limitations in code for this itens.

But as you grow the system, it may drain more resources from your plataform, so just monitor it during comissioning.

Thats it. Cheers