Good Morning

I have been working with ScadaBR for a few weeks, and its a pretty good sofware. Now, im trying to modify or personalize the view and add some objects like .gif and other stuffs, but i can´t find the archive(s) where this informations is. Maybe some ask this before but i couldnt find it.

Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it.

Hello Juan,

Certainly, we have some info in our Forum. Mostly in pt_BR, but with a little help of chrome autotranslate, you shouldn´t have problems.

Just check how the graphics are configures inside ScadaBR´s webapp folder. Check the path

<ScadaBR_webapp_folder>\graphics\* - Most folder are composed of a gif/jpg/png set of images and a text file.

The text file is a descriptor for the widget properties (image size, name, text relative positioning). Easy as that.

Get back if you have any trouble. Cheers