Graphical View

Dear Sir,

I have been trying to add data sources to Graphical View. But every time the new data souce is created in the center of the page. I am not able to move this to any place of my liking. Please advice.

Also can you please mail me a english version User Manual?



K V Ram

Hello Mr Ram.

We do not yet have an English version of ScadaBR Manual... but ScadaBR comes filled with in SW help (?).

Translating ScadaBR page and its manual is pending, and we are sorry for this (lack of resources from our team).

As for you question, could clear some doubts about your problem?

  • Wich browser are you using? ScadaBR is meant to be used with Firefox or Chrome like browsers;
  • Have you followed the workflow: "Add DataSource => Add DataPoint => Create GraphicView => Add Graphic Component => Configure Graphic Componente"?

If you have any trouble demonstrating your issue, please, post a printscreen or video of your difficulty. We´d be glad to help anyway we can.