Graphic Views - possible to enlarge the view area?


Has anyone had an issue with the graphical view size for editing and displaying? The main reason I chose ScadaBR was the real time graphical interface. Now that I have configured my MS SQL database and have real time data I am disappointed in the lack of functionality with graphing and displaying data. I feel I have come across a roadblock!! I also tried to us the HMI, but this is not ready yet for application use.

I would like you thoughts on if it is possible to enlarge the green box editing area to display a larger view. Please see the pictures below to help explain the issue:

view 1: This view is saving right after I have added the graph. This is prior to trying to move the graph.

view 2: Editing mode trying to move the graph. It automatically snaps within the box limits.

view 3: Possible to enlarge the green box?

Your thoughts on how to approach or workaround suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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Nancy McKain


Yes, it´s possible enlarge the green box. You can create a file .jpg in Microsoft Paint (example) configure the dimensions like 1200*1000 pixels(or choose another format) , choose a color for the background and save as jpg, and then upload image in graphical view in ScadaBR.

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