Geocoding, Mapping, Google Maps, Datapoints

Hi, I’d like to ask what people think about added Latitude / Longitude to data sources ?

If we had a coordinate system, it would be easy to make a map of where the data is coming from. Using Google Maps, or something similar.

It could be a map of an entire water network, or a map of pumps within a pumping station.

I don’t think it would be hard to add to ScadaBR. Let me know what you think.

Hi there,

This is a great idea, and already is registered in our backlog (We plan to make it available through sourceforge, or some other tool…).

There is a need for Georefference also in Energy segment, so it wil be worked in soon. As for now, our API can provide some support for that as you can integrate thorugh JS to another DB system with your DataSource and Mapping system. Though this is not what would turn ScadaBR into a Mapped solution, it would sufice for an imediately need,

Diego Ferreira
ScadaBR Team

Wouldn’t the already implemmented NMEA protocol be worth to look into?
Sure you need a GPS tracker, but I dare say it would be quite a matter of parsing the string to get the desired result.
I have tested connection with this GPS tracker (and it worked like a charm!):
Once your GPS coordinates are parsed, you could easily submit them to GoogleMaps and retrieve the map itselt.

No doubt it would raise the scadabr to a new level.
Georeferencing is now important piece of information.
I hope to help

hello people,

I have heard about geocoding/georeference but to be honest, it is still a little vague for me.
there are some people willing to work with it, lets try to divide it into smaller pieces of software.

please I would like more opinions on what would exactly necessary:

  1. fixed latitude/longitude fields for datasources and datapoints (making map renderizations more easily available)
  2. dynamic latitude/longidute (datapoints are moving, so each data comes with georeferencing)
  3. visualization of dynamic data in GIS software (so we dont need to reinvent the wheel)
  4. other/ please specify :slight_smile:

best regards, thanks

Bom dia pessoal,

Sobre georeferencias no ScadaBR, estamos organizando os pedidos existentes, com possíveis pessoas que irão trabalhar nisso. Como o tema é muito amplo, com risco de ficar vago ou inviável, vamos dividir em itens menores e realizáveis.

Preciso de opiniões de quem está mexendo com mapas, pessoal do saneamento, etc. sobre como atacar o problema.
O que é mais importante/prioritário hoje?

  1. adicionar campos fixos de latitude/longitude nos datapoints, e renderizar automaticamente sobre GoogleMaps, por exemplo
  2. adicionar informação dinâmica de latitude/longitude (os equipamentos estão se movendo) para depois rastrear histórico, ou renderizar dinamicamente a posição conforme as aquisições acontecem;
  3. visualizar/exportar dados do ScadaBR para plataforma própria de GIS (existem softwares muito avançados nesta área e não precisamos reinventar a roda)
  4. outras necessidades, especificar…



There´s a need to connect this data to a GIS system, or integrate GIS visualization in ScadaBR for usage of GPS´s data.

Do not know much about it… but tracking GPSs data is first step but not the only one =]
This GIS thing is bigger than I imagine…