Fix for API NullpointerException problem

I have a fix for API NullpointerException problem when calling to writeData method from web service client. That was not working. Please let me know how can I add this patch to current version.


Hello Spirit,

I´ll send an email to you and to Victor, he leads development of ScadaBR.

Any help is greatly appreciated, please join our effort in sourceforge =]



I'd like to know whether this fix has been integrated to ScadaBR. Because I'm encountering this null pointer exception when trying to call writeData.

Thanks !

Hi pandaBR!

I'm not sure if this has been integrated or not...

You can fix it in this way:

- NullpointerException when trying to write a variable:

Will be fixed if you add this line to src/com/serotonin/mango/

+             dataPointsNameToIdMapping(ctx);

(add the last line)

That method dataPointsNameToIdMapping wasn't being called and should be called.

Thanks spirit

Shall be added for the release.

Best Regards,

Ok, thank you both !


And do you know when this release will be available?

Hi !

I have installed ScadaBR 1.0 but it seems the bug was not fixed...

Is that true or does that mean that my error comes from somewhere else ?

Just checked this code... seems corrected to me =/

Maybe another error. Looking into it. Please, log for debug, and add to Trac in sourceforge, please =]