Error to login ( ?login.validation.noSuchUser(11)?)

Hello world,

I'm using scadaBR since a week, and today I cant login with the account ( admin admin) I dont undrestand why ?

when I'm login I have this error ( ???login.validation.noSuchUser(11)??? ).

Can anyone tell me how can I fix that ?


I solved that :) , the problem of this error is that when I want to login  the data base was corrupted so scadaBR can't find the names and the passwords of  the users.

This problem happen when you try to import a project from a (.zip) and you cancel during the importation, so the scadaBR could be in the step when the existing data base is deleted so you can't find any user.

Conclucion: is you want to import a project do it by copying that content of the fil ( json_project) "that you have is the directory of the project that you have exported" in the erea named DATA and import that project.