Disabling "Point value may not be reliable" Warnings


Can I disable this warning error please? It is of no value to me and it would be better than having constant triangles all the time!

Many thanks and fantastic product thank you.

As far as I know, this warning is shown in watch list when the communication with data source isn’t set yet. So, it is valuable in order to know if data is being correctly read.

You shouldn’t have these warnings for more than some seconds. If you are having them for long times, it may tell you your communications aren’t working, and the values shown are outdated.

dear Jon

I am unaware of a mechanism to disable that messages, and there are no current plans to change that behaviour, but you might be able to “emulate” that behaviour manually.

I think that if you create virtual datapoints only for displaying those variables (virtual, no change, settable), then add a point link between modbus data and the newly-created virtual datapoint, the virtual datapoint will mirror modbus´ values but wont be affected by the communication errors effects (“warning sign”)

you might also want to disable (“No alarm”) all datasource- and datapoint- related informations in the modbus configuration, so you don´t flood event log and catalina.out outputs

if there are just too many datapoints/datasources for manually aplying those workarounds, you might hack it through sourcecodes or doing such a dirty trick as replacing the warning sign gif (under WEB-INF/images folder) with a transparent image :-/
of course that would apply to graphical views but not to the watchlist.

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Thank you!

I have done the dirty trick for now… Not the best but accurate for what I need.