Customize title and interface for ScadaBr


I m working on ScadaBR. It's working well for me. But I would like to do some customization.

1) I would like to change the title of the "ScadaBR - CE 1.0" to my project title. Can be done?

2) Disable the help button in every pages

3) I edit the file by the common.css "visibility: hidden;" is header. But it just blank the header. Can I make totally hide the header?

The attachment is

Thank you.  Regards

Hello, it is cool using ScadaBR well and already has something of customization you want. 
1 - This is easy, is already built into the software, just click on "System settings" and in the upper left corner, there is a field "Description of the instance" replace "ScadaBR - 1.0 EC" for what you want; 
2 - I think this will need to enter the code each page and manually remove, or perhaps replace the icon design "helps" with an image of the same size but transparent, not fully resolved, but it's an easy start; 
3 - It is also possible to replace the image of the ScadaBR logo with an image of your company or institution, it is easier and interesting. 
Engineer Fabio Durão


Thanks for your support! It works well!


You are welcome!

Engineer Fabio Durão

Hello Koh,

You can also use the "display:none;" configuration on the .css files to hide the block completely.


Hi diegoferreira,

It works well! Totally hide the header. This is what I want. Thanks!

Hi Fabio Durão: 
question, I need to change the logo image, as is done? 
thank you very much ...