Consulta sobre imagenes


how I can add my own images of lights, fans, motors
which file should I edit

Hello Adragon,

There is a clear path to add new widgets. Here it is:

Check <ScadaBR installation folder>\webapps\ScadaBR\graphics\ on Windows or <tomcat folder>/webapps/ScadaBR/graphics on Linux. Each folder is a graphic widget. Inside the folder you will find the graphics and a .txt

The graphics represent the different possible values - ex. on and off or 0 - 100 % in a valve. The txt file is the settings for the widget:

  • name=Light bulb - Name visible in ScadaBR´s interface
  • type=imageSet - type of widget (currently, only imageSet)
  • #width #height - image size
  • text.x and text.y - tag name and value write position
To add new ones, just create another folder and put your images there, add the txt file and restart the tomcat service.
Thats it. Best Regards


thanks diego ferreira 
testing and after I commented