Configuring SEL relay for SCADA BR

Dear Group Memebers,
I have recently installed SCADA BR and now i am trying to add data sources to
it. I am using SEL protection relay SEL-487E as a DNP3 data source. However i
am having a problem in communicating with the device. Can you let me know
which settings should i use?
It would be nice if you can let me know a used case where someone has used
SCADA BR for SEL relays.

Hello Almas,

I personally have not yet used ScadaBR for this equipment, and I couldn´t have access to the SEL manual (damn you Selinc access restrictions...).

Could you provide the manual?


Dear Diego,


I have sent you the manuals and DNP3 profile for this protection relay. Thanks alot for your reply.


Best Regards,