Change settings from Terminal


Hello everybody,

I am trying to start ScadaBR automatically from the command line, and I would need to configure a datasource externally, for example with a script.
So once ScadaBR is started, I will find my HMI ready.
Is it possible to do this?

I tried to export a datasource, and the exported file is in JSON format. Is it possible to reuse that file for import? Even in this case, however, the import should be done externally, without entering the ScadaBR’s web interface.

Can anyone help me?
Thank you


Hello. Welcome Matteo.
First all. Explain about start ScadaBR automatically from command line. Are you starting the ScadaBR on Linux?

Once ScadaBR started. It’s runs until the Apache service is stopped by command line or the computer shutdown.

If you using into Linux. Please pvt me to talk about runs the ScadaBR automatically from boot. Just says what Linux are you using…

To open the HMI just open into your web browser the address page of ScadaBR.


Just known what’s is the IP of machine where ScadaBR is working.

What kind of datasource you need create by code? Tell more about this.