Beginner user Request info about ScadaBR


Dear Forum Users

I’m a beginners users I live in Italy and I try to learn ScadaBR.
I have a doubt , which software is the best choice ScadaBR or ScadaLTS ?

I have not been able to install ScadaBr or ScadaLTS on my PC to evaluate the faetures.

I’m seaching for a payment collaboration to install a SCADA in my PC and after to prepare and embedded machine based on ARM CORTEX ready to use for scada control.

I wait for replay

Regards NEX


Hello, you can install ScadaBR or ScadaLTS to use.
If you need help, explain here yours doubts and we can help you.

You can talk with me if you request help by PVT.



Thanks a lot about your reply . I have some troubles about the installation software .
Scada LTS , Docker request only 64 bit win 10 PC , this is a big limitation i got some error at start.

ScadaBR the installation work fine but , tomcat start , service SCADA BR start , but web page got 404 error .

I would like to see how it works and then decide whether to develop an ambedded machine, able to control internal resorces and esternal modules as Modbus - RS485 - I/O and Other.

I’ an HW specialist but beginners into ARM machines.

Yes I can talk with you in PVT pls , my e mail is PRIVATE@PRIVATE pls send me a mail and I reply with my whatsapp number.

Regards Paul


Hello Paul, I removed your email from this post for privacy…
I sent to you an email.

Next time, send a private message clicking into username like a example:

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